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Our motivation for a shared, sustainable future

In the course of “100 Years of Future”, the company has not only continuously grown, but developed convictions and principles, intangible values that define Optima today. They are both a challenge to and a mission for us. Our mission has captured some of them – providing a sense of direction for the times ahead, with a clear focus on people.

We care for people

Optima's solutions ensure that valuable and sensitive goods such as medicines, hygiene and medical products, foodstuffs and cosmetics reach people all over the world who depend on these products every day. Safely, reliably and well-protected. Through our work, we make a valuable contribution to improving health and safety and creating a better quality of life.

That's why we do our best every single day. With great expertise, team spirit and the commitment to solve every new challenge to the satisfaction of our customers and partners. Together we will do everything to ensure that our Optima team is the best for the future. With attractive working conditions, a wide range of career development opportunities and an atmosphere where people feel welcome.

// We care for our customers

Our customers appreciate the partnership and our outstanding industry and technological expertise. Optima’s service performance and the quality of our work provide customers with peace of mind for their manufacturing processes.
  • We understand our customers better
  • We create the right solution
  • We take every project to the finish line

// We care for our team

Together, we create an atmosphere where people feel welcome. Attractive working
conditions and career development oppor­tunities are every bit as important to us
as team spirit, equality, and a genuine sense of cooperation.
  • We encourage entrepreneurial spirit
  • We actively support personal and professional development
  • Team spirit, appreciation and diversity are not just words

// We care for innovations

We are passionate about delivering beneficial innovations. Working jointly with our customers, time and again we create solutions that are ahead of their time, for the benefit of our clients and future progress.
  • We provide customers tangible added value
  • Our technologies are the standard in our target industries
  • We set trends

// We care for tomorrow

Meeting the challenges of the future with curiosity and courage is hard-wired into our DNA. When we think about tomorrow, it means creating sustainable solutions that
are in sync with society and nature.
  • We think and act for the long term
  • We are committed to sustainable technologies and the circular economy
  • We are continually developing ourselves and our fields of activity