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Overcoming new challenges every day. Keeping a finger on the technological pulse. Enjoying an international outlook and exercising personal responsibility. Varied and challenging tasks await Optimists in widely differing fields. That’s exactly why valuing each and every member of our staff is a fundamental part of Optima’s corporate culture, and something that runs like a common thread through “100 Years of Future”. This can also be seen in the many benefits and advantages enjoyed by both beginners and experienced professionals at Optima right from day one. Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at the company.

A personalized start

When one starts his or her career with Optima – and in the last five years alone, more than 500 employees worldwide have joined Optima – one’s never thrown in at the deep end. Quite the opposite, in fact.

In an introduction course, new Optimists get acquainted with the Optima world, get to know their employer and establish initial contacts with their new colleagues. Trainees and cooperative and work/study students are offered additional information to help prepare them for their professional future with Optima.

Completely networked

Once new people join Optima, they will have access to important information and news at any time, and at the same time, the opportunity to actively participate in internal communication. The most important information platform in the Optima world, the intranet, will support these efforts.

O-Ton, Optima’s vibrant, colorful staff magazine features a variety of interesting stories from the entire Optima Group. The comprehensive magazine is distributed three times a year to all employees worldwide.

Stay flexible

Modern life and inflexible work arrangements are often not compatible. Optima adapted to the times with flexible working hours and personalized part-time work schedules. The aim is to achieve the best work-life balance possible. Remote work is another opportunity offered by Optima that can be individually set-up, depending on the career path.

A sense of security

At Optima, above average performance is reflected in your salary. In addition, there are also comprehensive social benefits and, for personnel paid in line with the company pay scale, vacation pay and an annual Christmas bonus is included. For instance, if someone opts for the special insurance concept, they benefit from occupational disability coverage without a health declaration and lower premiums, among other benefits.


At Optima, advancing from trainee or student to a top executive is nothing rare. An important part of a career is the annual employee appraisal, which not only includes a review of the previous year but also a shared vision of the future. Numerous internal job openings offer opportunities for personal advancement. At Optima, anyone who is looking for greater responsibilities or a leadership role and who has the potential will receive support and encouragement. The HR development program offers extensive training opportunities for all employees.

Living and working

At Optima, reconciling family and career is not a secondary issue. This has been demonstrated by the “berufundfamilie” (Career and Family) certificate and a special prize for Optima in the state-wide “familyNET 4.0” competition. This award from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs and other cooperative partners honors companies that develop and implement opportunities and steps that help reconcile work and family life in the digital workplace. Anyone looking for good advice and genuine guidance on issues like career and children, childcare, maternity leave, parental leave and parental allowance will find it at Optima.

Strong attachments

With a well-deserved retirement is coming into view after enjoying a successful, varied career, one still has the opportunity to stay in touch with the company and his or her coworkers. Every retiree is very welcome to join the seniors’ meet and greet group, also called the retirees’ round table. A wide range of activities is available to ensure that Optimists can stay in touch, even after they have left the company.

Working in a healthy environment

Alongside occupational health and safety programs and improved workplace ergonomics, the company’s health management also includes workplace health promotion through exercise, stress management, nutrition and addiction prevention programs. The company physician offers advice on all occupational health related issues, and provides preventive measures for work-related complaints and illnesses. Professional outside staff counseling also provides confidential free-of-charge support in the event of any difficulties in a professional or private situation, psychological stress or other life challenges.